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Cæsura 2022: Reset


The Call: Blinded by fractured light through the broken view of a kaleidoscope that has twisted our senses into a cloud of fever dreams; we reach, strive for a pattern of hope, a tessellation that integrates all our broken parts into a creation of beauty. Together we replant the seeds. We reset our gaze on the intricate and fertile patterns of empathy and love.

The editors will judge from blind lists to create the two unique versions of Cæsura Reset, the print version and the online version.

NEW and UNPUBLISHED poets and artists, every year we recruit, appreciate, and publish your work. Please add the comment “Not yet published” to your cover page.

Everyone may submit up to 3 literary works.
Everyone may submit up to 3 visual works.

We reserve first-print publication rights and the right to post work for publication on our website. Previously published work, in print or online, will not be considered.

CALL OPENS:  March 1st, 2022.
CALL CLOSES:  June 1st, 2022 for General Public, June 15th, 2022 for PCSJ Members

LITERATURE SELECTIONS:  Announcements will be made on or around July 3rd.
ART SELECTIONS:  Announcements will be made on or around July 19th.
LITERATURE: Please submit literary works in word (.doc or docx).

We are partial to poems of 32 lines or fewer, but make exceptions for longer poems that are too good to pass up.

We prefer prose of 320 words, but will consider anything less than 1000.

Longer works of any style or format will be considered for the print edition but are more likely to appear online.

ART: The submission format is .jpg or .pdf, all disciplines are welcome from ceramics, crafts, drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, etc. Note that art in the print edition is either 6x9 inches or 12x9 inches.

SUBMISSION RULES: (Please follow closely, we enter manually)


  1. Subject line, Caesura 2022, and what content your are submitting
  2. Send email to caesura@pcsj.org and to your self
  3. Name all poetry/art by their title
  4. Name your cover page with your name
  5. Attach all files to one email (please do not zip, attach each file separately)


Email Example:

Cover Example

Cover Page:

  1. Include a title for each work you submit, check name matches your attachments
  2. Add the text of your 80 word or less biography (please edit as carefully as your art)
  3. Your mailing address (so we can send a book to you if selected for print edition).
  4. Let us know if your pen name is different from your legal name

Cover Page Example:

Cover Example


  1. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your work gets accepted elsewhere.
  2. We will acknowledge when your submission is received.
  3. Some submissions will get an early acceptance.
  4. Free copy of print book goes to poets/artists in the print edition.

Visit the Cæsura page www.pcsj.org/caesura.html to read/view online editions or to purchase remaining copies of print issues.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/caesura_pcsj?igshid=k837pd6393u0
Twitter: https://Twitter.com/caesura_pcsj
Facebook: http://www.pcsj.org/caesuracall