CALL for entries:


Cæsura 2019: Arrival


Some art arrives finished, while some needs to be built. Please submit examples of the effortless, the found, the whittled, the chiseled. Will we know the difference? Any topic is welcome, but prefer poems/stories about writing to focus on a mentor instead of you.


And, one special request, can you put together a great before and after work? One page the rough draft or raw materials, the opposite page the graceful result? Submit as visual or text.


You may submit 3 works of poetry, and you may submit 3 works of visual art. The editors will judge from blind lists to create the two unique versions of Cæsura 2019: a print version and an online version.


We reserve first-print publication rights and the right to post work for publication on our website. Previously published work, in print or online, will not be considered.


CALL OPENS: March 1, 2019.


CALL CLOSES: June 2, 2019 for General Public. June 16, 2019 for PCSJ Members.


POETRY: We focus on poetry, but short prose of any style welcome. We are partial to poems of 32 lines or fewer, but make exceptions for longer poems that are too good to pass up. We prefer prose pieces of under 320 words, but will consider anything under 650. Please submit literary works in word/text format.


VISUAL: The submission format is .jpg or .pdf, but all disciplines are welcome; ceramics, crafts, drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. If your work is accepted, we may request a high quality 300 dpi file. Note that art is sometimes printed on single pages of 6x9" or spreads of 12x9" as layout and space allows. The online version offers more flexibility, see the Cæsura page for examples: http://www.pcsj.org/caesura.html



Cover Page:

1. Include a title for each work you submit.

2. Your name as it will appear in print.

3. Your mailing address (so we can send a book to you if your work is selected).

4. Your biography, in 80 words or less; please edit the biography as you would a poem.


Poetry and Art:

1. Do not run poems or art together, attach as separate files.

2. 2. Include only the title and the content, no names or page numbers.



1. Attach all files to one email.

2. Send that email to caesura@pcsj.org.



1. We accept simultaneous submissions on the condition that you notify us immediately upon acceptance elsewhere.

2. We will acknowledge when your submission is received and when it is accepted or rejected; some art will get an early acceptance, most within a month of the call's close.

3. Each published artist will receive a free copy of Cæsura.


Visit the Cæsura page www.pcsj.org/caesura.html to read/view online editions or to purchase remaining copies of print issues.